This is a letter I am writing to myself and every other medical student who needs the reminder. You’re feeling down. You feel so incompetent. Why do you know so little? You see your intelligent classmates crush the exams with little effort. You have classmates who make you feel like they’re a different species by […]

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BBG with Kayla Itsines

Before you get too excited- it is not a name for a sandwich 🙂

Kayla Itsines is an Australian workout/health guru who promotes exercises that for the most part work with an individuals own body weight and focusing on the nutrients in food and not calories.She has a couple ebooks out which serve more as guides than manuals. From what I understand, her there are a handful of exercises in each “circuit” and a certain number of reps. Your goal is to set a timer for seven minutes and try to see how many circuits you can do in that given timer period. After those seven minutes you take a sixty to ninety second break before doing the next circuit for another seven minutes. You then take another break and repeat the first circuit and then the second circuit.

What I like best about her program is that it’s broken up into weeks and it’s very flexible as to what you do for the day. Some days you do the circuits, other days you choose either a Low Intensity cardio or a High Intensity cardio session. Instead of taking you week by week and having everyone complete the same exercise the same day she instead lets you go at your own pace and start whenever you want.

I want to let everyone know that I am not being paid nor endorsed to write this article and will keep you updated with my progress!

Link to her website: HERE

Link to 80% discount: HERE

If you want to see a sample of her program you can sign up for a free seven day .pdf which shares her workouts, a quick guide on food and more information about her program on her website!

Welcome To My New Series: Who Are You?

Last Spring I took an introductory to philosophy course at Nazareth College and I absolutely loved it. I have always asked these kinds of questions: What would you tell your five-year-old self? If you could be anything in the world right now, what/who would you be? Are you happy? Are you okay with where you are in life? In a perfect world, where would you be in life?.

This is the first post in my new series, Who Are You?.

In this series, I hope to use the art of discussion to pursue the desire of truth as to my personal identity as well as help other individuals find their identity as they undergo changes in their degree, career, relationships or health.


Excerpt from Radiant Joy

Last semester we needed to prepare a section of one of the pieces we were playing in Wind Symphony for our audition. The piece being Radiant Joy by Steven Bryant. Instead of uploading a new video of a piece I dug out, I am going to insert an older video of one of the runs (my hands are a little frozen from my room being cold).

Without further ado, here you go!

T-minus Two Days And Counting

Two days and counting? What, April Fool’s Day?

This year April Fool’s Day will be centered around a very big exam that is not in any way a practical joke. Drum roll please. Dagadagadagadagadagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MCAT (I speak drummer. They can’t exactly sing their pitches so they use oral articulations to communicate which instruments they’re hitting and the rhythm).

Instead of studying, I am here to update everyone on what I’ve been up to and what is coming up for me 🙂

What I have been up to:

  • I went home for Easter Weekend and ended up having two severe asthma attacks and bad allergies
  • I think all the Benadryl is out of my system by now (FINALLY!!!!!)
  • I applied for, interviewed, and accepted the Marketing Chair Position here at Nazareth College on the Campus Activities Board (If you weren’t aware I held that position at my two-year school prior to Naz and rocked it)
  • I applied for and have a phone interview tomorrow for a writing position at The Odyssey 
    • Another student from Nazareth College had posted an application link in our Class Facebook Page
  • Practicing, Practicing, and Practicing (my flute)
  • Went out with my girlfriends a couple weeks ago for a much needed girls day. I learned how to put on makeup (in addition to my solid mascara, eyeliner and chap-stick routine)
  • Been working on a four-pack of abs. So far I’ve got two
  • Announced my return to Swim Lessons this upcoming spring and summer
  • Been tutoring a fellow classmate in Philosophy

What is coming up for me:

  • MCAT 🙂
  • Phone interview for The Odyssey
  • Call about shadowing in my local ER and Family Practice
  • Silent Disco
  • Dance Recital
  • Spring Concert
  • CARS performance (a couple duets between a friend and I at a the school’s Creative And Research Showcase)
  • Packing up my room and sending stuff home slowly
  • Finals
  • Juries (Flute performance Final)

L. Boccherini Flute Concerto in D Major

If you pretend my mistakes didn’t exist you would be hearing L. Boccherini’s Flute Concerto in D Major! As with my previous Flutey Tuesday posts, I recorded it in one take and uploaded it as is.

There is a second part of this movement that I did not record and will record the full first movement in the upcoming weeks 🙂 Hope you enjoy!